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Great family board games – Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Eye Found It!

Great family board games - Richard Scarry’s Busytown Eye Found It!


If you’re looking for a great family board games to play at home, with your kids and the family of all ages, try Play Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Eye Found It! It has very quickly become one of our favorite family games. It is cooperative – everyone wins or loses as a team. It encourages teamwork, enhances observations skills and promotes attention to detail. We bought it when my daughter was 3,5 years old and she loved it from the start. She is 6 now and she still loves to play it, so enjoy it with your kids too!

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How to eat a rainbow

How to eat a rainbow, #eatarainbow


The different colors of fruits and vegetables have different, wide range of valuable nutrients to fight diseases and stay healthy. The more colorful, the healthier the meal is. Check out some of the benefits of each color group and play around to make the most of it!

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How to feed picky eaters – Mom’s tips and tricks

How to feed picky eaters - Mom's tips and tricks #pickyeaters, #parenting


Tired of picky eaters and crispy faces at a table? It doesn’t need to be like that; sometimes small things can do miracles! Check out some tips & tricks that worked for me and my daughter.

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Family keepsakes – personalized photo calendars

Family keepsakes ideas - make a personalized photo calendar, #photocalendar, #keepsake


I’ve just received my 2014 personalized photo calendar! Yes, I know, I am a bit late this year, but anyhow, it is here! I am so happy so I wanted to share my happiness with you:) If you have never done this, you may find this of great interest!

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