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Christmas Tree Muffins

Preparation time: | Cooking time: | Servings: 12

Last week there was a cake sale in my daughter's school as a fundraising for the school trip planned in May next year. Each parent was invited to bring a cake, cookies, pancakes or popcorn. My daughter loves muffins, so I thought that the easiest would be to bake a bunch of them. However they needed to be appealing for kids to buy them and handy for the little ones to eat. As the Xmas season is approaching, together with my daughter, we decided to make little Christmas tree muffins. They were a great success and were sold instantly !!!

Christmas tree muffins, #muffins, #xmas



  • green chocolate candies
  • biscuit sticks
  • colorful sprinkles for decoration
  • white sugar paste
  • white decorating sugar
I have made banana muffins, one daughter's favorite, but you can make any flavor you want.



Step1 Cut round shapes from the thin sugar paste to cover the muffins. You can also use cream if you prefer to. Then sprinkle some sugar on top, so it shines a bit.
Christmas tree muffins step1a
Christmas tree muffins1b
Christmas tree muffins step1c

Step2 Boil the water in a pan. Put chocolate candies in the piping bag and melt them in the hot water. Place biscuit sticks on the non-sticking surface and design trees with the melted chocolate. Decorate with colorful sprinkles.
Christmas tree muffins step2a
Christmas tree muffins step2b
Christmas tree muffins step2c

Step3 Wait until the chocolate is hard before removing the trees. Insert them in the middle of the muffins. Now you have a great Xmas forest:) Enjoy!
Christmas tree muffins step3

Xmas tree muffins

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