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Frog princess


Frog princess! How cute is that :) This froggy sandwich is made of bread, ham, avocado, egg, cheese and served on a green salad. Miam!

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Almond soup


Unexpected ingredients make this soup really unique! If you like almonds and avocado you must try it. Your kids will love it, because it is so different and delicious.

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Barbalala avocado snack


Cute and yummy Barbalala snack for kids. It is made of avocado, ham, cheese, black olive and served with a cracker and biscuit sticks. Try it yourself!

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Ladybugs snack


Nice little ladybugs enjoying flowers and clovers:) Made of tomatoes, olives, avocado and corn grains. Served with a cracker, cheese and chive, they make a delicious snack.

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Happy train sandwich


Happy train, funny and yummy! Bread, tuna, avocado, cucumber, ham, cheese, radishes, tomatoes, olives and their friends going on a trip to the little tummies :)

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Tortilla flower


Colorful, little flower made of cucumber, ham and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Served with radish, canned corns, avocado and salad. Tasty and healthy!

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