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Toilet paper roll animals

Toilet paper roll animal crafts


Toilet paper roll animals are great and inexpensive activity you can do with your kids almost any time and anywhere, even during holidays, when traveling. You don’t need to have sophisticated suppliers and you can always replace the colored paper with white sheet on which you can draw using markers. Discover what we have done, or rather my daughter has done…

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Simple origami for kids – how to make a paper bird

Simple origami for kids - how to make a paper bird tutorial


We have just discovered a small nest in our hedge. We have spotted a little bird bringing in some dry grass to build his nest. My daughter was so excited; she could not stop thinking of the little birds we may hear around soon. That inspired us to make this origami bird:)

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Grape balloon dog

Grape balloon dog - fun dessert for kids #balloondog


I am sure your kids love all kinds of balloon animals and creatures:) My daughter is no exception. Each time she meets someone making them, she wants to have one! So we did it:)

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16 ways to celebrate Xmas with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

16 ways to celebrated Xmas with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - recipes, crafts, treats for kids


This year, my daughter’s favorite Christmas character is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Perhaps it is because she’s just learned the famous Rudolph song and we recently read a few winter stories, where the reindeer was the main hero. So I am sharing with you some great reindeer shaped recipes, treats and crafts!

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Thanksgiving turkey with fruit skewers

Thanksgiving turkey made of fruits, fruit skewers


My daughter said recently: “Mom, why won’t we make a turkey with all the fruits you have just bought! You can then put it on your blog”. I laughed for quite a while and then I told her that we would make it, of course. I let her chose the fruits. She wanted to arrange them in a rainbow, well, we were close:)

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35+ awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids

35 awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids


Since we came to Canada 3 years ago, we have been living a true, local Thanksgiving celebration. Living in France before, we only heard about Thanksgiving and saw it on TV. So we wanted to make the most out of being here in North America. I also wanted to mark this Holiday in my daughter’s memory, so I’ve been looking for all kind of crafts and foods that she could make. Check out my collection of awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids!

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