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10+ awesome Christmas ideas for kids

10+ awesome Christmas ideas for kids


As Christmas Eve is around the corner, I have prepared for you some last minute inspiring Christmas ideas, both for crafts and food, so you can keep your kids busy and happy and the same time. Some of the recipes are really easy to make and you can also engage your kids in the preparations, I am sure they will love it :)

Wishing you all great Holiday period!

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Easy Christmas Tree craft for kids

Christmas Tree craft for kids


I guess everyone is already in the Christmas mood, doing Christmas shopping, preparing the Christmas menu and trying hard not to forget anything!

So while you are busy with all the preparations, here is a very simple Christmas craft idea that will keep your little one occupied for a while :)

You can make it with just 1 sheet of paper, some colorful pom-poms and glue. You could also hang it or use it to decorate a Christmas card or a gift bag. You can play with colors and different sizes to obtain amazing results.

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Handprint Christmas tree – easy paper craft for kids

Handprint Christmas Tree - easy Christmas paper crafts for kids to make


This beautiful Christmas tree craft was made by a class at my daughter’s school as their Christmas decoration. I found it really pretty and wanted to share it with you:)

I think this is such a great idea and can me made not only with kids at school but also at home with the whole family. Imagine you collect handprints from all the family members to build your own Family Christmas tree!

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Christmas Tree Giveaway!

Christmas Tree Giveaway


Have you already decorated your Christmas tree ? Perhaps not yet or maybe you want to upgrade it this year and have a brand new one?

Christmas is around the corner, so wait no longer and enter this great giveaway to WIN a Christmas Tree from  King Of Christmas! You have until December 19th 2013! Wish you all good luck!

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Cucumber Christmas tree – vegan snack for kids

Christmas tree vegan snack for kids made of cucumber


Are you already in Christmas mood? It is quite hard not to be with all the Christmas decorations around. Recently, I was at the shopping center with my daughter and we saw the Santa Claus village already in place with a big message saying he was coming on the 16th of November! What?!? I have an impression that each year Christmas starts earlier, don’t you?

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Christmas trees dessert – kiwi with yogurt



Christmas trees dessert, made of kiwi, decorated with some small holiday sprinkles, served on a natural yogurt. Great idea for a dessert during Christmas time.

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