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How to organize a butterfly birthday party

How to organize a butterfly birthday party


If you want to organize a butterfly birthday party, I have some great ideas to share with you. I have used them all for my daughter’s 5th anniversary. She invited her friends and the girls had a great time together. I hope you will find something inspiring for you and your kids!

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Fall crafts – 5 pictures with autumn leaves

Fall crafts - 5 pictures with autumn leaves2


Last weekend we started to clean up our backyard from all the leaves that has fallen. There were a lot of them as we had a few windy days just before. At one point of time, my daughter said: “Mom, what are we going to do with all these leaves?!?” I said, that we can think of something and asked her to select some of the most beautiful leaves. See what we did :)

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8 free printable butterfly pictures to color

8 free printable butterfly pictures to color

I guess all kids love butterflies and one day or another, you will be planning a butterfly party, either for a birthday or just for a Sunday afternoon with friends. You may use these coloring pages to plan and prepare everything: involve your kids in all the logistics and let them design things. You will find here butterfly party invitations, butterfly crafts and butterfly shaped recipes. Together with your kids, choose items for your party and then decide on colors, materials and textures.


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How to make butterfly wings

How to make paper butterfly wings for kids

This cute and colorful butterfly wings comes from my daughter’s butterfly birthday party. It is a funny and creative activity to make with your kids. Help them a bit and then let them do it – they can use all their imagination to make the most beautiful butterfly wings ever!

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Butterflies – healthy dessert with fresh fruits on a stick

Butterflies_healthy_dessert_with_fresh_fruits_on_a_ stick

When I was shopping to buy all the craft suppliers for my daughter’s birthday party, I came across a nice green picket fence planter box, already provided with a floral foam. I thought that it would be just perfect for the fresh fruits butterfly garden!

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Butterfly birthday cake


This year my daughter wanted a butterfly birthday party, so no wonder she got a butterfly birthday cake!

I wanted to make it kids-friendly and appealing for her little guests. I couldn’t find the perfect recipe, so I ended up mixing a few recipes to adjust all the ingredients. I wanted to make a birthday cake that was moist, not too sweet, had some fruits and a pink filling (special wish from my daughter!). That was not an easy task, but the result was really great and everyone loved it :)

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