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How to make homemade blackcurrant jam

Homemade Blackcurrant Jam recipe


Summer time is great to prepare all kinds of healthy jams and juices for the cold winter days. One of my favorite is a homemade blackcurrant jam and it is about the time to make it now! My daughter simply loves the bread with butter and blackcurrant jam. Give it a try too!

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How to organize a butterfly birthday party

How to organize a butterfly birthday party


If you want to organize a butterfly birthday party, I have some great ideas to share with you. I have used them all for my daughter’s 5th anniversary. She invited her friends and the girls had a great time together. I hope you will find something inspiring for you and your kids!

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How to make carrot flowers

How to make a carrot flower


My daughter likes carrots in general, but she loves them even more when we’re making something cute out of them! This time, we decided to make beautiful carrot flowers to decorate our special salad we usually make for Easter.

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How to eat a rainbow

How to eat a rainbow, #eatarainbow


The different colors of fruits and vegetables have different, wide range of valuable nutrients to fight diseases and stay healthy. The more colorful, the healthier the meal is. Check out some of the benefits of each color group and play around to make the most of it!

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How to feed picky eaters – Mom’s tips and tricks

How to feed picky eaters - Mom's tips and tricks #pickyeaters, #parenting


Tired of picky eaters and crispy faces at a table? It doesn’t need to be like that; sometimes small things can do miracles! Check out some tips & tricks that worked for me and my daughter.

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How to get organized – 10 free printable calendars and planners

How to get organized - 10 free printable calendars and planners


Each beginning of a new year gives us a fresh start and we want to do things better, differently, more efficiently, just get organized! Well, at least that’s how I always feel… This year is no different. I have some busy months ahead of me so I have no choice, but to get organized! Check out these free printable calendars, planners and labels, I am sure you will find something that works out for you if you also need more organized life:)

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