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Zebra – homemade gnocchi with mushrooms and ricotta

Zebra - homemade gnocchi with mushrooms and ricotta step6

I like homemade gnocchi and I often make a bit more that I freeze for another time. I usually serve them with different mixed veggies, as my daughter likes them that way. This zebra is an example of a very easy recipe, just presented differently :) My daughter loved it; hope your kids will love it too!

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Snail and butterflies


Nice meal for kids reminding of spring and summer days: funny snail and butterflies. It is made of potato puree, mushrooms and ham. Served with some cheese and ketchup, even picky eaters will like it!

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Fishy sheep in a meadow


Sheep in a meadow shaped meal for kids. Made of fish, spinach, ricotta cheese, cornmeal and some veggies. Easy and effective idea to open appetite of the little tummies :)

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Cute little snowman beside a pine tree. Made of rice, beef, green beans, black olive and a mini carrot. Delicious meal for a winter time that can be made with kids.

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Ice cream


Delicious memory of summer time: ice cream made of chicken breast, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms. Who wouldn’t like it?

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Cauliflower rabbit

Cauliflower rabbit_main

My daughter’s favorite ‘doudou’ is the rabbit, so I decided to make her a surprise. These pancakes made of cauliflower, cheese, egg and flour, together with some small veggies make a delicious meal. She was really happy and ate it all!

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