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Christmas Tree Muffins

Xmas tree muffins, #muffins, #xmas


Last week there was a cake sale in my daughter’s school as a fundraising for the school trip planned in May next year. Each parent was invited to bring a cake, cookies, pancakes or popcorn. We wanted to bring something creative and appealing for kids so we  decided to make little Christmas tree muffins. Great success!

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Peach muffins – yummy dessert with peaches

Peach muffins - yummy dessert with peaches


One of my tricks to make my daughter eat fruits and veggies is to sneak them into her meals somehow… It works really great each time! This time, I have made her some peach muffins, which she loved, although she doesn’t like peaches too much.

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My Little Pony birthday cake

My Little Pony birthday cake


I have promised you last week that I would share my homemade My Little Pony birthday cake that I did for my daughter’s birthday and here it comes! It was the first time I was making cake decorations with sugar paste icing, but it turned out not so bad :) It was maybe not perfect, but I was quite proud with the result and my daughter loved it, which was the most important!

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I Love Mom – simple dessert idea

I love Mom - simple dessert idea


We had a triple party this weekend: my daughter’s birthday, my birthday and Mother’s Day!

Busy with the preparation for “My little pony” themed birthday party, we still managed to make this cute “I love Mom” dessert. It is so simple that every kid can make it, you can just help with the fruits preparation.

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Grape balloon dog

Grape balloon dog - fun dessert for kids #balloondog


I am sure your kids love all kinds of balloon animals and creatures:) My daughter is no exception. Each time she meets someone making them, she wants to have one! So we did it:)

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Valentine’s Day dessert ideas – easy chocolate fondant cookies

St Valentine's Day dessert ideas - easy chocolate fondant cookies, #chocolatefondant, #cookies, #valentinesideas


I think the recipe for these chocolate fondant cookies is the easiest cookie recipe I have ever tried! I got it from a friend a while ago and I have finally tried it to make these cute, heart shaped cookies, great for Valentine’s Day dessert. What can be better than chocolate on that day, right? :)

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Party pops – homemade cake pops recipe without cake mix

Party pops, homemade cake pops recipe without cake mix, great for kids party, #cakepops, #kidsparty, #cakepopsrecipe


We’ve made these funny cake pops for our New Year’s Eve party, but actually they can be a hit for any party. If you have seen our best wishes for Happy New Year 2014, then they should look familiar:)

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Christmas cupcakes – Christmas balls mini-cupcakes decoration ideas

Christmas cupcakes - Christmas balls mini-cupcakes decoration ideas1


My daughter loves cupcakes and at this time of the year I have decided to make her a little surprise:)

She has just decorated a Christmas tree at school, so she was telling me how beautiful it was with all the Christmas balls (or boules or baubles, whatever you call them!). So one day, for her after-school snack I made these cute Christmas cupcakes. A little bit of sweet treats during Holiday time will make no harm, right? :)

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Santa Claus cake – Christmas cake decoration ideas

Santa Claus cake, Christmas cake decoration ideas


So it’s official, THE LETTER to Santa Claus was sent!

To be honest I wanted to tell the “truth” to my daughter this year, but when she saw all the Christmas decorations appearing all around she decided to write him a letter. She was thinking for a few days about what to write to him. She changed her mind a few times, but finally she got her letter ready. This year number one on her wish list is…

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Snowman – easy Holiday treats for kids

Snowman made with fruits on a stick, easy Holiday treats for kids


We’ve been living in Ottawa since 3 years, so we got used to winters here (a bit at least). We know it can be really cold and can last forever…! This year, we had our first snow already mid November! There were just a few flurries, but enough to make our garden white for a couple of hours. Not enough to make a real snowman, but…

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