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Tulip sandwich

Sandwich tulips

The inspiration for this cute tulip sandwich came from the Ottawa Tulip Festival, that we went to see last weekend.  We saw millions of tulips in all the different colors and varieties. They were really gorgeous!

Being in spring mood, having seen all these beautiful flowers, no wonder we had tulips in mind when preparing lunch:)

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4 flower coloring pages to print

4 flower coloring pages to print

Flower coloring pages based on snack, sandwich and dessert recipes.

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Fishy sheep in a meadow


Sheep in a meadow shaped meal for kids. Made of fish, spinach, ricotta cheese, cornmeal and some veggies. Easy and effective idea to open appetite of the little tummies :)

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Tulip garden


This cute tulip garden snack is made of cucumber, tuna, pepper, carrot, mayonnaise, parsley and chive. It can be a great idea for a spring snack – yummy and colorful.

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Sheep sandwich for a healthy breakfast


Cute sheep shaped sandwich, made of cottage cheese, Nutella, kiwi and strawberry flowers; served with chocolate chips and biscuit stick. Can be a great idea for re-filling the energy of the little buddies!

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