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Zucchini madeleines

Zucchini madeleines


Zucchini madeleines are yet another smart way to make your kids eats veggies :) This recipe is super easy to make and will be a great hit with your kids!

It can be prepared as an afternoon snack or also make a great side dish for dinner.

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How to make carrot flowers

How to make a carrot flower


My daughter likes carrots in general, but she loves them even more when we’re making something cute out of them! This time, we decided to make beautiful carrot flowers to decorate our special salad we usually make for Easter.

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Cucumber Christmas tree – vegan snack for kids

Christmas tree vegan snack for kids made of cucumber


Are you already in Christmas mood? It is quite hard not to be with all the Christmas decorations around. Recently, I was at the shopping center with my daughter and we saw the Santa Claus village already in place with a big message saying he was coming on the 16th of November! What?!? I have an impression that each year Christmas starts earlier, don’t you?

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Teddy bear homemade pancakes with apples

Teddy bear - homemade pancakes with apples


My daughter loves homemade pancakes. I often bake her as an after-school snack or as a breakfast during the weekend, when I have more time to cook and she has more time to eat! It is actually a great breakfast idea for kids – you can sneak some fruits in their tummies already in the morning! My daughter’s favorite are pancakes with apples and maple syrup. Hum, how yummy!

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Halloween witch and cheesy ghosts

Halloween witch and ghost snack


Are you already in a Halloween mood? Have you planned your Halloween party yet? If you are still looking for Halloween food ideas, then I have something for you:)

Recently, I’ve made this cute witch flying on a broomstick, surrounded by cheesy ghosts. It was a try out before our Halloween party, inspired by a game my daughter has played at school.

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Hot air balloon snack

Hot air balloon snack for kids

Would you like to jump into a hot air balloon? Yeah :) Who would love an exciting, amazing balloon ride? Have you ever done it? This is still on my ‘to do’ list, but this weekend I had at least a chance to admire gorgeous hot air balloons at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gatineau, one of the most important hot air balloon gathering in Canada, and the fifth largest in the world. This is why we end up making a yummy balloon snack!

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Kiwi and apple smoothie with a little kiwi bear

Kiwi and apple smoothie with a little kiwi bear

Homemade smoothies are such a great and healthy snack for kids. Moreover, there are so easy to make! This time, to make a simple glass of nutritive drink a bit more fun, I made a cute, little bear from the kiwi. My daughter loved it and said he looked very real:)

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Peach banana smoothie with yogurt

Peach banana smoothie with yogurt featured

Are you a smoothie fan? If yes, then I have a great, simple and funny smoothie recipe for you!  This time I made it with just peach, bananas and yogurt but I made a cute fruit sombrero on top. Summer is a perfect season for homemade smoothies, so try it out!

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Little chicks, healthy food for a snack

Little chicks healthy snack for kids made of egg and pepper


So who was first, chicken or egg? :)

Little chicks snack was also inspired by my daughter’s school trip to the Agriculture Museum– the Farm, the same as Milka, the laughing cow sandwich we did recently.

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Tic Tac Toe – ham and cheese snack

Tic Tac Toe ham and cheese snack for kids, #snack, #tictactoe


Cute and funny Tic-Tac-Toe snack made of ham, cheese and some biscuit sticks. Kids can have a lot of fun helping to prepare it and eating it!

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