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Awesome Halloween crafts for kids

Awesome Halloween crafts for kids


Are you getting ready for the Halloween party? I must admit that this year I don’t really feel the mood yet..

But for those of you, who are ready to celebrate next week, I have made a collection of some cool ideas for Halloween crafts that you may want to make with your kids during the party or just before it. Some of the ideas you will find below can make awesome Halloween decoration. Have a look, pick the best you like and try it out!

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10+ ideas for DIY autumn crafts for kids

10+ ideas for DIY autumn crafts for kids


Can you feel autumn already? Depends on where you leave I guess. This year, as we moved back to the south of France, we don’t really feel it yet… Last weekend we could still swim in the sea, so it is kind of hard to realize we are almost end of September.

For those of you, who are already in the autumn mood, I have made a collection of awesome and simple autumn crafts that you can make with your kids. Choose whatever you like, make your own creations, be inspired and have fun!

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Toilet paper roll animals

Toilet paper roll animal crafts


Toilet paper roll animals are great and inexpensive activity you can do with your kids almost any time and anywhere, even during holidays, when traveling. You don’t need to have sophisticated suppliers and you can always replace the colored paper with white sheet on which you can draw using markers. Discover what we have done, or rather my daughter has done…

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Simple origami for kids – how to make a paper fish

Simple origami for kids - how to make a paper fish tutorial #origami, #fish


If you have ever wondered how to make a paper fish with your kids, then you will find this simple origami a great fun! We did this one just because it’s summer time! My daughter is on holidays since a week and we just went to the beach for the first time this year. We did not see the fish in the water, unfortunately, there were too many waves to be able to spot one. But…

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Simple origami for kids – how to make a paper bird

Simple origami for kids - how to make a paper bird tutorial


We have just discovered a small nest in our hedge. We have spotted a little bird bringing in some dry grass to build his nest. My daughter was so excited; she could not stop thinking of the little birds we may hear around soon. That inspired us to make this origami bird:)

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10+ awesome St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids

10+ awesome St Patrick's Day crafts for kids, #stpatricksdaycraftsforkids, #stpatricksday


Do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? I am curious to know what are your special traditions, anything particular you do with your kids – any special St Patrick’s Day crafts or treats? Check out this collection, I am sure you will find something for you!

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