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Thanksgiving turkey with fruit skewers

Thanksgiving turkey made of fruits, fruit skewers


My daughter said recently: “Mom, why won’t we make a turkey with all the fruits you have just bought! You can then put it on your blog”. I laughed for quite a while and then I told her that we would make it, of course. I let her chose the fruits. She wanted to arrange them in a rainbow, well, we were close:)

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35+ awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids

35 awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids


Since we came to Canada 3 years ago, we have been living a true, local Thanksgiving celebration. Living in France before, we only heard about Thanksgiving and saw it on TV. So we wanted to make the most out of being here in North America. I also wanted to mark this Holiday in my daughter’s memory, so I’ve been looking for all kind of crafts and foods that she could make. Check out my collection of awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids!

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Welcome to Kiddie Foodies :)


I am Gosia and I am happy you have joined our creative family fun in the kitchen and beyond! Discover our culinary adventures, crafts, sewing projects and coloring pages. Stay a while and enjoy:)

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