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10+ refreshing fruity popsicle recipes

10 refreshing fruity popsicle recipes


There is nothing better than a refreshing fruity popsicle for the hot summer days. Healthy and cold they are a perfect way to sneak some fruits into the little tummies. My daughter loves them and what is really amazing, she even likes the pops made out of fruits she is normally reluctant to eat. So the fact that they are mixed, frozen and presented on the stick makes miracles:)

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4 ice cream coloring pages free printable

Ice cream coloring page free printable

During hot summer days, delicious ice creams are the perfect treat for everyone; especially for kids! My daughter would rather lick an ice cream than eat it with a spoon, even if it is more messy… With a ice cream theme in mind, I have prepared 4 coloring pages that are based on different recipes you can find on Kiddie Foodies. You can have a lot of fun with your kids by making the recipe and then coloring the corresponding page!

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Summer crustless mini quiche

Summer crustless mini quiche

I love quiche, especially during summer time. I like to experiment with different ingredients and shapes. It is a really great meal you can eat hot or cold, at home or take it with you for a picnic. I usually make a quiche with a pastry bottom, but this time it comes crustless, just with mushrooms but in very summery shapes!

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Fruit salad with verbena syrup

Fruit salad with verbena syrup

I love the smell of lemon verbena: it’s so light, so lemony and so summery… As summer is around the corner, this time our fruit salad was served with the lemon verbena syrup. What dessert can be healthier for kids than a delicious fruit salad? I cut fruits in funny shapes, as for some reason butterflies, hearts or flowers taste usually better than simple squares:)

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5 ideas for summer fruit recipes with yogurt

5 Fruit recipes with yogurt

5 ideas for kids summer fruit recipes with yogurt. They encourage kids to eat healthy desserts and have fun playing with food.

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