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Peach muffins – yummy dessert with peaches

Peach muffins - yummy dessert with peaches


One of my tricks to make my daughter eat fruits and veggies is to sneak them into her meals somehow… It works really great each time! This time, I have made her some peach muffins, which she loved, although she doesn’t like peaches too much.

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10+ refreshing fruity popsicle recipes

10 refreshing fruity popsicle recipes


There is nothing better than a refreshing fruity popsicle for the hot summer days. Healthy and cold they are a perfect way to sneak some fruits into the little tummies. My daughter loves them and what is really amazing, she even likes the pops made out of fruits she is normally reluctant to eat. So the fact that they are mixed, frozen and presented on the stick makes miracles:)

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My Little Pony birthday cake

My Little Pony birthday cake


I have promised you last week that I would share my homemade My Little Pony birthday cake that I did for my daughter’s birthday and here it comes! It was the first time I was making cake decorations with sugar paste icing, but it turned out not so bad :) It was maybe not perfect, but I was quite proud with the result and my daughter loved it, which was the most important!

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I Love Mom – simple dessert idea

I love Mom - simple dessert idea


We had a triple party this weekend: my daughter’s birthday, my birthday and Mother’s Day!

Busy with the preparation for “My little pony” themed birthday party, we still managed to make this cute “I love Mom” dessert. It is so simple that every kid can make it, you can just help with the fruits preparation.

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Grape balloon dog

Grape balloon dog - fun dessert for kids #balloondog


I am sure your kids love all kinds of balloon animals and creatures:) My daughter is no exception. Each time she meets someone making them, she wants to have one! So we did it:)

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Valentine’s Day ideas – 15+ I {Heart} recipes for kids

Valentine's Day ideas - 15 I Heart recipes for kids, #valentinedayideas, #valentinedayrecipes, #heartshaped


If you are looking for delicious and healthy recipes to make with your kids for Valentine’s Day, I have prepared a fabulous collection for you! You will find Valentine’s Day ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Hope you will find something great for you that your kids will love.

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