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Mushrooms in a forest – meatballs with zucchini mousse

Mushrooms in a forest - meatballs with zucchini mousse

This meal is brought to you by MY Daughter! She did the meatballs almost all on her own. It actually worked great, as it was a perfect size for her little hands. She had a lot of fun and was very proud she could make all that! She also helped with the zucchini mousse and the final meal presentation, making a cute forest with mushrooms:)

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Monkey shaped meal for kids, both fun and healthy. It is made of beef, kasha and green beans, topped with some gravy and served with a few cheese flowers.

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Heart shaped beef and tomatoes


Delicious heart shaped recipe made with ground beef, covered with cooked tomatoes and served with little polenta flowers. Healthy and cute meal for little tummies :)

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Cute little snowman beside a pine tree. Made of rice, beef, green beans, black olive and a mini carrot. Delicious meal for a winter time that can be made with kids.

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Little house


Healthy and tasty little white house. Made of rice, beef, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. With addition of canned corn grains and cheese makes a delicious and colorful meal.

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