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Easy Christmas Tree craft for kids

I guess everyone is already in the Christmas mood, doing Christmas shopping, preparing the Christmas menu and trying hard not to forget anything!

The same for us; the letter to Santa has been sent, now Santa needs to make all the gifts (yes, my daughter still believes that Santa is building every single gift)... So while you are busy with all the preparations, here is a very simple Christmas craft idea that will keep your little one occupied for a while :)

You can make it with just 1 sheet of paper, some colorful pom-poms and glue. You could also hang it or use it to decorate a Christmas card or a gift bag. You can play with colors and different sizes to obtain amazing results.

Christmas Tree craft for kids

What you need

  • 1 sheet of green paper
  • a couple of colorful pom-poms
  • glue

How to make it

Step1 Fold the sheet of paper as shown below:Christmas Tree craft for kids - step1

Step2 Then, fold it in half and glue from the inside.Christmas Tree craft for kids - step2

Step3 Glue some colorful pom-poms onto the Chrtistmas tree, place a bigger one on the top of it. Enjoy!
Christmas Tree craft for kids - step3

Easy Christmas Tree craft for kids

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