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Green kiwi hedgehog

Preparation time: | Servings: 2 Small, funny kiwi hedgehog will cheer up little faces :) Made from kiwi and chocolate biscuits sticks, carrying watermelon 'apples'. Tasty and plenty of vitamin C. Green hedgehog dessert for kids


  • 1 kiwi
  • 4 raisins
  • 6 chocolate biscuits sticks
  • a piece of watermelon

Did you know that there are about 5,000 to 6,500 quills on the average hedgehog ? Kiwi is not only a name of a fruit but also a bird? Kiwi (birds) are pretty shy, usually nocturnal (same as hedgehogs) and can not fly.


Hedgehog step2 Step1

Peel the kiwi and cut it in two. Cut chocolate biscuits sticks into small pieces to be used as quills. Cut two raisins to be used for the eyes.

Hedgehog step3 Step2

Place two parts of the kiwi on a plate and insert gently the chocolate biscuits sticks on top. Make two small holes with a knife for the eyes and insert the cut parts of raisins in there. Place one raisin in front of the kiwi to make the hedgehog nose.

Use parts of biscuits sticks without chocolate to make the legs. Just place them gently under the kiwi. For the final touch, use a melon spoon to cut 2 balls out of the watermelon and place them onto one of the chocolate sticks. Enjoy!

Green kiwi hedgehog fruit dessert

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