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Grape balloon dog

Preparation time: 5 | Servings: 1

I am sure your kids love all kinds of balloon animals and creatures:) My daughter is no exception. Each time she meets someone making them, she wants to have one! Last year during children's festival she got a cute flower bracelet and a few weeks ago, she got a balloon dog during her friend's birthday. There was a clown there and after his performance, he made balloon animals for all the kids. My daughter was delighted with her red balloon dog. But after a few days her friend dog lost a bit of air and became tiny... She was so sad seeing him vanishing that I wanted to cheer her up. I proposed to make another dog, this time from grapes. She found that idea really funny and helped me prepare it. She LOVED the end result! I must admit, it turned out pretty cute, what do you think? :) Grape balloon dog - fun dessert for kids #balloondog


  • 11 grapes
  • 2-3 toothpicks



Step1 Start by mounting 2 grapes that will make the dog's body. Adjust the size of the toothpick when mounting the grapes together. Grape balloon dog step1

Step2 When the body is ready, attach grapes-legs to it using the toothpick. Then, mount together the neck, the head and ears and attach them to the main body. Finish by mounting the tail. You may lay the grapes flat while building the dog. Once you finished, you may need to adjust the position of the legs, so the dog can stand. Enjoy!


Warn the child before consumption that there are toothpicks inside!Grape balloon dog step2Grape balloon dog step2b

Grape balloon dog

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