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Happy caterpillar – cherries and yogurt

By Gosia

Preparation time: Servings: 1

Have your kids already kept a caterpillar home? My daughter decided to make an experiment one day. She found a caterpillar in our garden and wanted to keep it in her room. She said she wanted to see how it transformed to a beautiful butterfly. Well.. how do you deal with that? I said she could keep it, but it had to stay in her playhouse back in our the garden. I didn't like the idea of a caterpillar sneaking in and visiting our house, grrr... We made a nice box for this caterpillar, a butterfly-to-be, put some cotton and some leaves inside and left it in the playhouse. 

That day I was preparing some cherries for a dessert. When I was removing the pits from the cherries for my daughter, she started to place the fruits on her plate and said: "Look, Mummy, this looks like my caterpillar". She was right! So we added some raisins to  make the caterpillar legs and a slice of banana for the head. My daughter was delighted:)
Happy caterpillar - cherries and yogurt


  • 3 cherries
  • 11 raisins
  • 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt
  • 1 slice of banana
  • strawberry jam

Did you know that most species of caterpillars shed their skin four or five times as their bodies grow? They grow very quickly and may even increase their weight ten-thousandfold in less than twenty days.


Step1 Spread the yogurt on the plate:Happy caterpillar - cherries and yogurt step1
Step2 Cut the cherries in half and remove the pits. If your children are old enough to remove cherry pits on their own, you may also use whole cherries. Place a banana slice as the caterpillar head. Use a raisin cut in half to make his eyes. Make his mouth with strawberry jam and the antennas with the cherry's tail. Place all the cherries behind the caterpillar's head and make his legs using raisins. Enjoy!
Happy caterpillar - cherries and yogurt step2

Happy caterpillar - cherries and yogurt

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