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TOP 10 Posts from Pin It Monday Hop#16

Hi Friends! Another Top 10 list that will surely inspire us all! We would like to thank you for joining our weekly party, we truly appreciate it! Here are our Top 10 post from Pin It Monday Hop #16.

Pin It Monday Hop#16 Post Features


Meredith of A Tipical Day holding her baby close to her.

Meredith of A Tipical Day

Meredith's Favorite Posts


I just love a good corn dog, and a Cheesy Corn Dog Muffin sounds so amazing! I can taste it now.

Cheesy Corn Dog Muffins

by:Jaime of Mom's Test Kitchen

Cheesy Corn Dog Muffins

This simple and cute embroidered dandelion is a fabulous way to dress up any bag.

DIY Embroidered Dandelion Bag

by:Ashley of Ashley'sDandelion Wishes

DIY Embroidered Dandelion Bag


This easy to make Magnetic Dry Erase Board provides style and beauty for all of your important notes.

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

by: Dana of This Silly Girl's Life

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board


Gosia_Lamdaouar CO- HOST

Gosia of Kiddie Foodies

Gosia's Favorite Posts


I love this summery beach decoration and the little teddy bear is so cute!

Palm Tree Cupcakes

by: Tastes of Lizzy T

Palm Tree Cupcakes by Tastes of Lizzy T

What a great cellphone case. All the flowers are adorable, I wish I could make one like that too!

Pink Crochet Phone case

by: Misseleynous Things of I'm a Proud Crafter

A Pink Crochet Cellphone Case

Great idea to create and decorate a family wall plenty of souvenirs!

FAMILY Lettering Wall Decor

by: Samantha of Five Heart Home

Family Lettering Wall Decor


MEG SLUYTER of Lip Gloss and Lumber

CO-HOST Meg of Lip Gloss and Lumber
Meg's Favorite Posts
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Host will chose 3 favorite post in behalf of Meg
A very nice quickie make-over.

A Quick Chair Tear Repair (Say That 5x Fast!)

by:Exquisitely Unremarkable

A Quick Chair Tear Repair (Say That 5x Fast!)

I love to DIY almost everything. It makes me happy knowing I save a few bucks by doing it myself. This Post-It Tutorial is great.

How To Make Your Post-Its

by: Ingrid of Now At Home

DIY Post It's Tutorial tools

These are great tips for newbies and good reminders for not so newbie like me.

10 Cool Ways to Enhance Your Blog Quickly

by: Mums Make Lists

10 Cool Ways to Enhance Your Blog Quickly

judy HOST Judy of Pursuit of Functional Home
Judy's Favorite Posts


We sometimes play mixing colors and it totally amazes my daughter everytime. But I never thought of putting it in a sealed bag. I'll follow this trick the next time we play with colors. It's neat and no mess.

Color Mixing Experiment

by: Tracey of We Made That

Color Mixing Experiment

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We hope that you enjoyed our Top 10 Post from Pin It Monday#16.

Sprinkle some love, don't forget to visit our featured Bloggers. Have a great week!

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