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Turtles sandwich

Preparation time:   |   Servings: 1 Turtles sandwich for kids

I was at the bakery with my daughter and suddenly she said: "look mom, this bread roll looks like a turtle!" I laughed and bought it to make her a turtle sandwich at home. She brought her turtle toys and there it was: the whole turtle family!



  • 1 round bread roll
  • 2 slices of ham
  • 1 slice of yellow cheese
  • 1 slice of orange cheese
  • 1 cherry tomato
  • 1 slice of avocado
  • 2 corn grains
  • 1-2 salad leaves
  • cucumber
  • butter

Did you know that the upper and lower jaws of the turtle are covered by horny ridges instead of teeth? Sea turtles can produce salty tears that rid their body of excess salt taken in from the water they drink.


Turtles sandwich step1 Step1

Select the bread roll covered with either cheese or grains to be more decorative. Cut the bread roll into three pieces. Cut the middle part in two slices. The top and the bottom part will be used for the big turtle, the middle part for the two small ones.

Spread butter on the bread.

Turtles step2 Step2

Cut the yellow cheese and ham in the shape of the bread. Make two flowers: the bigger flower is cut from the ham, the smaller flower is cut from the orange cheese. Make two hearts: the bigger heart is cut from the orange cheese, the smaller one is cut from the yellow cheese.  Use a knife or a cookie cutter to cut these shapes. Make the turtle heads from the avocado slice. Make turtle legs and their mouth from the cherry tomato. Use corn for the turtle eyes. Place all the pieces on a plate. Decorate with a slice of salad.

Turtles step3 Step3

Place the bottom of the bread roll on the plate, top it with salad, ham and slices of orange cheese. Place the cucumber close to it to make the turtle head. Make a small hole in the cucumber to insert the corn to be the turtle eye. Make a small groove to insert a tiny slice of tomato to be the turtle mouth. Cover with the top part of bread roll. Enjoy!

Turtles sandwich

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