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Easter chicks snack

Preparation time:   Cooking time:   | Servings: 4

One of the traditions in our home during Easter is to share an egg as a symbolic gift of life. We also decorate some eggs and make an Easter basket with a sampling of Easter eggs and other symbolic foods. While I was shopping a few days ago, I spotted a nice plate, perfect to display our Easter eggs. When my daughter saw it, she wanted to decorate eggs right away. I said that we still have a bit of time before Easter comes. She was so disappointed. To cheer her up a bit, I suggested we made something else from eggs - cute, little chicks. She loved the idea and helped me to prepare them. How yummy :) Easter chicks snack for kids


  • 2 eggs
  • 4 mini carrots
  • 1-2 tablespoons of creamy cheese (such as Philadelphia)
  • 1 black olive
  • orange cheese

Did you know that Easter eggs are a widely popular symbol of new life in most of the Central European countries? A batik (wax resist) process is used to create intricate, brilliantly colored eggs, the best-known of which is the Ukrainian pysanka and the Polish pisanka.



Boil eggs for about 8-10min. When done, cool them with cold water. Cut both eggs in half and remove the yolk from both parts. In a bowl, mix the yolk with creamy cheese using a spoon.

Easter chicks snack for kids step1

Step2 Cut off ends of mini carrots to be used as the chicks' beak. Make small dots from the black olive using a straw. Cut small, wavy shapes from the orange cheese to be used as chicks' comb.

Easter chicks snack for kids step2

Step3 Using a spoon and your hands if needed, put the mixture from Step 1 inside the egg white. Make chicks-like shapes. Place carrots for the chicks' beak, olives for eyes and cheese for combs. Enjoy!

Easter chicks snack for kids step3

Easter chicks snack

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