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Bees on the flower

By Gosia

Preparation time:   |   Servings: 1   Bees on the flower snack for kids

Bzzzzz ... Two little tomato bees on the flower, how yummy :) The idea of this simple snack came after we saw the exhibition explaining the life of bees and honey making process at the Agriculture Museum.



  • For the flower:
  • 2 red cherry tomatoes
  • 1 round cracker
  • 2 slices of cucumber
  • For the bees
  • 2 black olives
  • 4 almond slices
  • 4 orange cherry tomatoes (2 small and 2 big)
  • 1 toothpick

Did you know what is the bee antennae used for? It is like our nose - helps the bee to detect odors and sometimes even the direction of the odor. It also helps to measure its flight speed.


Bees on the flower snack for kids step2 Step1

Cut the red cherry tomatoes into slices. Place them on a plate around the cracker. Cut one cucumber slice into two and use it as the flower's leaves. Cut small rectangle pieces from the other slice of cucumber and use them as the f lower stem.


Bees on the flower snack for kids step4 Step2

Make the bee's head: cut two eyes from the black olive using a straw. Place the straw on the olive and press gently; remove it and blow into it if needed to remove the small olive part. Use a knife to cut a small piece of olive to be used as a mouth. Use the knife to make two small holes in the smaller orange cherry tomato and place the olive 'eyes' there. Make a small groove for the mouth and insert the olive slice.

Bees on the flower snack for kids step5 Step3

Cut three slices from the black olive. Use the knife to make three grooves in the bigger orange cherry tomato. Insert the olive slices there.


Bees on the flower snack for kids step6 Step4

Connect the bee's head with its body using a part of a toothpick (adjust the length as needed).
Use the knife to make two grooves on both sides of the bee body and insert almond slices there. Make also two small wholes in the head and insert small pieces of olive to make antennae.
Repeat steps 2-4 for the second bee.

Bees on the flower snack for kids step7 Step5

Place the bees on the flower and enjoy it!


Warn the child before the consumption that there is a toothpick inside!

Bees on a flower snack

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