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Halloween witch and cheesy ghosts

Preparation time: Servings: 1

Are you already in a Halloween mood? Have you planned your Halloween party yet? If you are still looking for Halloween food ideas, then I have something for you:)

Recently, I've made this cute witch flying on a broomstick, surrounded by cheesy ghosts. It was a try out before our Halloween party, inspired by a game my daughter has played at school: one person was a witch and had some helpers, the others were running around. The witch and helpers were supposed to catch everyone. When the person was touched, he or she would stand still and could only use the arms to 'immobilize' others. Seems like the kids had a lot of fun!

Still a year ago, my daughter was pretty scared of ghosts, witches and Halloween costumes in general, now she seems to understand this is not real, but only for fun. So she really enjoyed this snack and approved it for our party!Halloween witch and ghost snack



  • 4-5 black olives
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 3 pretzels
  • 1 biscuit stick
  • chive


Supplies I used


Did you know that traditionally, in old Ireland and Scotland, the turnip has been used as a Halloween symbol?


Step1 Cut 2 ghost shapes from the cheese using a cookie cuter or a knife. Make the eyes and the smiles using a knife. Cut olives into small pieces and smash them well. You may also use a mixer. Make a 'B' letter from one pretzel and "O" letter from two others by removing some of its parts. Cut chive into smaller pieces, leaving one long chive aside.Halloween witch and ghost snack step1
Step2 Gather all the chive parts together and make a knot at the end using one long chive. Place it at the end of the biscuit stick to make a broomstick. Use smashed olives to shape a witch flying on a broomstick (you can do it with a teaspoon and a knife). Start with the lower part of the body, then the upper part and finish with the hat. Place two cheesy ghost and the letters made from pretzels. Enjoy! Halloween witch and ghost snack step2

Halloween witch and cheesy ghosts snack

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