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How to make carrot flowers

Preparation time: 5 | Servings: 1

My daughter likes carrots in general, but she loves them even more when we're making something cute out of them! This time, we decided to make beautiful carrot flowers to decorate our special salad we usually make for Easter.

They are very simple to make, you just need one 'magic' accessory: a sharpener. If you want to make small carrot flowers, you can use a small sharpener or even a normal pencil sharpener; for bigger carrot flowers, you will need to use a vegetable sharpener. Yes, me too, I didn't know it existed, until I saw one in a market place!How to make a carrot flower


  • 1 carrot

Supplies I used


Step1 Insert a carrot into a veggie sharpener and turn it, as you would do when sharpening a pencil. How to make a carrot flower step1

Step2 Continue like that, until you think you have enough of carrot to make your flower. How to make a carrot flower step2

Step3 Gently remove the carrot and shape a flower: usually the flower forms itself. Then place it onto your dish to decorate it, or just put it on the plate to make a garden from the carrot flowers! That's a great idea for a healthy spring snack. Enjoy!How to make a carrot flower step3

How to make a carrot flower

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