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How to earn money blogging – join Sverve

So you have your blog for a while now and you wonder how to earn money blogging? Perhaps you have already found great ways to monetize it, perhaps you are still looking for them or you want to expand them. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then let me introduce you to Sverve!

1. What is Sverve

Sverve is a great (and free!), Pinterest-like, platform for bloggers, where you can meet other bloggers, How to earn money with Sverveshare your posts with them and get noticed by brands, marketers and readers. It is a great place to find awesome blogging jobs opportunities such as different forms of reviews, promotions or giveaways offered by different brands and get paid!

What is also great about Sverve, is that it is also for beginner bloggers without (YET!) thousands of followers or page views per day, so try it yourself and you will see!

2. How does it work?

Your profile

All you need to do is to sign in and create your profile. It is a very easy and straight forward process. When you start, you will need to select up to 5 areas of influence, e.g cooking, crafting, etc. basically your areas of expertise for which you will be recognized for. Your profile will be tagged by your areas of influence, so it can be easily searchable on Sverve.

Your score

Once you have your profile created, you need to build it up to reach a good influence score. What is this number..? In order to calculate your influencer score, Sverve uses your:

  • social media stats - the higher the number, the better your final calculated score will be
  • blog ranking – including Alexia ranking, Google page rank, number of visitors and of course
  • Sverve influence number, which is calculated by the number of endorsements you have received in your top 3 areas of influence compared to others.

If you want to increase your influencer score you need to be active, like on any social media platform. The more active you are the higher the chance you will get noticed and endorsed. Follow influencer and share posts frequently, so that more people can see your content and commitment to your area of influence. I’d be delighted to endorse you, just visit my profile , leave me a note and I will follow you back!

Sharing posts, or so-called TIPs, is very easy. You add them to your profile either manually or you can install and use a Sverve bookmarklet on your browser. Then you just click it to add a TIP from the web (works a bit like Pinterest). When your tip is added, Sverve will add some tags to it, to ease a search. You can then update them if you want.

The higher your number, the better chances you have to get accepted in Sverve campaigns and get paid for your work.

3. Your campaigns and your earnings

A Sverve campaign can be a product/service review, a referral program, sponsored post, product promotion, etc. You can receive e-mails occasionally with information on a new campaign, but you should also regularly check campaigns directly on Sverve. When you see a campaign that is of interest to you, you need to apply for it. You will be then accepted or rejected. If you are rejected, you will be given a reason for that. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your score, it can be for example a limited number of bloggers that can be engaged due to the campaign budget.

Depending on the campaign type, your compensation may be a specific $ amount or % of sales or $ amount per sale. It can also be or include product/service that you may receive for review or giveaways. So engage yourself in a campaign that fits well with your blog, and then have fun and earn money blogging at the same time:)

4. Sverve and social media

You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Sverve profile. When you add a tip to your account, you have an option to share it also on your Twitter and Facebook accounts or if you add a #tip tag, it will be automatically sent. When someone endorses you, Sverve automatically tweets it. You can extend your network by inviting your friends on Sverve, either by e-mail or an invitation to your Facebook friends.

Check out Sverve and let me know what you think about this way of earning money blogging! While you are there, you can stop by and visit me. Leave me a note, so I can endorse you!

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