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Our trip to 3M with Garmin Forerunner 210

This is not a sponsored post, but contains affiliate links.

We had a fabulous long Thanksgiving weekend (yes, in Canada it was this WE!) and I thought I would share some of it with you. If you wonder what the 3M means, it stands for 3 great places we visited: Montreal, Mont Tremblant and Montebello.  Also, it was a first trip we did with our new Garmin Forerunner 210 Sport Watch, so we had a great after-trip statistics and we could see where exactly we went and how much calories burnt!

Anyway, it was a short, very intense trip, but we loved every minute of it. It is still hard for me to decide which place was my favorite! So, let's start from the beginning:

1. Montreal

We arrived in Montreal at noon and had a quick lunch in the city center. We were there just on the main street and, to our great surprise, run into two shops named 'SARA', how funny is that? My daughter was delighted:)

Trip to 3M - Sara1 Trip to 3M - Sara2

After lunch we went to the Mont-Royal park to have a walk there and to admire the beautiful colors of autumn. It is such a great park and has a gorgeous view on the whole city of Montreal.

Trip to 3M - MontRoyal parc1  Trip to 3M - MontRoyal parc2

After a long walk in the park, my daughter was rather tired and she was reluctant to further sightseeing. So we decided to jump onto a tourist bus and found one doing both: bus and boat. The tour was very nice, we had a great funny guide and my daughter loved it! Especially the boat part:) We even saw a Santa-Claus smiling at us from a shop window!

Trip to 3M - Montreal1  Trip to 3M - Montreal3

On the second day of our stay we went to Parc Safari, which is about 1h drive south of Montreal. The park is divided into different zones, there is a safari part, where you drive your car through different zones, meeting different animals that you can feed. There is also an amusement park and aquapark, but the latter was already closed. You have also a nice wooden elevated boardwalk from which you can approach giraffes and elephants and a glass tunnel where you observe lions. In a little farm, you can meet rabbits, lamas and see deers going through a little forest.

Trip to 3M - Safari Parc Montreal 1 Trip to 3M - Safari Parc Montreal 2 Trip to 3M - Safari Parc Montreal 3 Trip to 3M - Safari Parc Montreal 4 Trip to 3M - Safari Parc Montreal 5 Trip to 3M - Safari Parc Montreal 6


2. Mont Tremblant

After a great 1.5days in Montreal, we had another great adventure waiting for us - Mont Tremblant, around 1h drive north of Montreal. Mont Tremblant is a region of 2 mountains and 3 villages. We spent only a day there, but it was worth every second! The weather was beautiful, fall colors amazing and Sara was in great mood, so we managed to do two hikes! We took a Panoramic Gondola to reach the top of Mont Tremblant and we hiked from there with a break for lunch.Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant 1 Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant 2 Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant 3 Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant 4 Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant 5 Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant 6

During our hikes in Mont Tremblant, we have used our Garmin Forerunner 210 Sport Watch Trip to 3M - Garmin Forerunner 210 sport watch with its build-in GPS to track all the details.

Back home, we have uploaded everything to the Garmin website and could analyze what we actually did.

Here is an example:

Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant Garmin Forerunner 210 stats1 Trip to 3M - Mont Tremblant Garmin Forerunner 210 stats2 You can see the actual itinerary on the map, the distance of the hike, time with timings, elevation, even the temperature and the calories burned, yeah! You can also share your itinerary and store it of course in your profile, having a great source of completed trips/hikes. You can go even further with that - measure your heart rate, foot pod and plan some activities such as personal training etc. It is really cool!


3. Montebello

On our way back home to Ottawa, we stopped in Montebello, a municipality located in the Papineau Regional County Municipality of Western Quebec (CA). We had a lunch buffet in Fairmont Le Château Montebello, which is in fact a stunning red cedar log chateau with beautiful surroundings. We have been there at different seasons and each time it has something stunning to offer. This time, we had a nice walk along the river, admiring all the gorgeous autumn colors.Trip to 3M - Montebello 4 Trip to 3M - Montebello 1 Trip to 3M - Montebello 2   Trip to 3M - Montebello 5Trip to 3M - Montebello 3 Trip to 3M - Montebello 6

We really did enjoy this weekend's trip, hope you did enjoy reading:) If you have a chance to be around these places, don't hesitate to spend some time there, it is really beautiful!

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