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Felt personalized photo Christmas ornaments

No sew felt Christmas personalized photo ornaments all2


We’ve been living in Canada for the last 3 years and our whole family is so far away, we only see them once a year, usually during summer school holidays. So when I have recently stumbled upon a cute personalized photo Christmas ornaments pattern it gave me an excellent idea!

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Christmas crafts for kids – DIY easy Christmas tree chain garland from crepe paper

Christmas crafts for kids - how to make your own Christmas tree chain garland from crepe paper


If you are looking for very easy and inexpensive ideas to make Christmas crafts for kids, then I have something great for you!

I was making this kind of Christmas tree chain garland when I was a little girl and this year, I have decided to make it with my daughter. We have bought a colorful crepe paper and I have showed her how to make a chain out of it.

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70+ inspiring ideas to make an Advent Calendar for kids

70+ inspiring ideas to make an Advent calendar with your kids


This year I have decided to make a special Advent Calendar with my daughter. I was looking for some inspiration and I have found tons of great ideas that I wanted to share with you.

Here is my collection of really inspiring, DIY advent calendars for kids that you can easily make with your little ones! Have a look and get inspired:)

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Forest house – recycled crafts for kids

Recycled crafts for kids - forest house - tissue box, pine needles & cones, fall leaves main


Do you make recycled crafts with your kids? I am sure you do:) All kinds of recycled crafts for kids are such great fun!

We went for a long walk recently and we came home with a lot of autumn leaves, pine cones, pine needles, acorns, etc. When I asked my daughter what she was going to do with all these treasures, she said: “We were in the forest, so we will make a forest house!”. And we did it!

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35+ awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids

35 awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids


Since we came to Canada 3 years ago, we have been living a true, local Thanksgiving celebration. Living in France before, we only heard about Thanksgiving and saw it on TV. So we wanted to make the most out of being here in North America. I also wanted to mark this Holiday in my daughter’s memory, so I’ve been looking for all kind of crafts and foods that she could make. Check out my collection of awesome Thanksgiving crafts for kids!

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DIY rowanberry necklace – fine motor skills activity for kids

DIY rowanberry necklace - fine motor skills activity for kids


As a child I used to make rowanberry necklaces at the end of summer holidays and in the beginning of the school year. My school was 10min walking distance from my house and I always walked through a park where there were a lot of rowan trees giving beautiful red berries. When I told my daughter that she could make ‘things’ from these beautiful red rowan berries, she couldn’t wait to start her own project!

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Fall crafts – 5 pictures with autumn leaves

Fall crafts - 5 pictures with autumn leaves2


Last weekend we started to clean up our backyard from all the leaves that has fallen. There were a lot of them as we had a few windy days just before. At one point of time, my daughter said: “Mom, what are we going to do with all these leaves?!?” I said, that we can think of something and asked her to select some of the most beautiful leaves. See what we did :)

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DIY felt necklace for toddlers

DIY felt necklace for toddlers

This felt necklace for toddlers is inspired from a DIY book with a suppliers box, that my daughter received from her Dad. He brought it from his trip to France and it is called ” Je crée des bijoux du monde”, which means “I create jewelry of the world”. It is really a great discovery kit for little girls, however some mom’s help is needed for the little ones. For our first project, my daughter chose a cute and colorful felt necklace.

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How to make butterfly wings

How to make paper butterfly wings for kids

This cute and colorful butterfly wings comes from my daughter’s butterfly birthday party. It is a funny and creative activity to make with your kids. Help them a bit and then let them do it – they can use all their imagination to make the most beautiful butterfly wings ever!

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Tissue paper butterfly – DIY craft ideas for kids

Butterfly paper craft

If you are looking for fun things to make with your kids, I have an idea for you: cute tissue paper butterfly craft! It is a very easy craft, nice, colorful and can be used in different ways: it can stand, fly or decorate your fridge!

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