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Butterfly birthday party invitations

By Gosia

Our birthday party is in two weeks! My daughter was born on my birthday, the best birthday gift I have ever received! Since 4 years we have been celebrating a double birthday that day:)

This year, my daughter decided to have a butterfly theme for her birthday party. I started to collect some 'butterfly' ideas for her birthday party including kids activities, recipes, crafts, etc. I will share that with you soon!

This weekend we made butterfly birthday party invitations . They are very easy to make, colorful and really cute!



Materials for butterfly birthday party invitations

Birthday party butterfly invitation template materials


You will need two foam butterflies for each invitation. If you don't have them, you can also print a butterfly invitation free printable template from the file above: download it, adjust its size, print it and use as a model to cut your invitations from colored paper.

Prepare the invitation text: either use a colored paper to write it down or print it. You can use the same butterfly template; just print it down a bit smaller than the butterfly you made for the bottom of the invitation.

Cut in half the foam/paper butterfly that will be on top of the party invitation. Use glue or double sided tape to bond together the invitation text and the butterfly that will be on the bottom of the party invitation.

Use colorful brads to join together both butterflies. If you use colored paper, you may want to make tiny holes first, so brads can be inserted easier.

Birthday party butterfly invitation template step1 Birthday_party_butterfly_invitation_template_step2 Birthday_party_butterfly_invitation_template_step4

You will need to prepare two small butterflies for each party invitation: one for the name of the invited guest, one for your child's name. You can use the butterfly invitation free printable template to prepare these: either print it with correct size and use as a model to cut butterflies from the colored paper or add text to the template itself, change color and print it.

Fold each small butterfly in half and use double sided tape to fix them onto the party invitation. Use a butterfly sticker if you want to make your invitation even more colorful and more decorated.

Birthday_party_butterfly_invitation_template_step5 Birthday_party_butterfly_invitation_template_step6








Here is the final result:


The butterfly wings on top of the birthday party invitation can be opened to read the invitation text. So much fun!


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