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My Little Pony birthday cake

My Little Pony birthday cake


I have promised you last week that I would share my homemade My Little Pony birthday cake that I did for my daughter’s birthday and here it comes! It was the first time I was making cake decorations with sugar paste icing, but it turned out not so bad :) It was maybe not perfect, but I was quite proud with the result and my daughter loved it, which was the most important!

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How to organize a butterfly birthday party

How to organize a butterfly birthday party


If you want to organize a butterfly birthday party, I have some great ideas to share with you. I have used them all for my daughter’s 5th anniversary. She invited her friends and the girls had a great time together. I hope you will find something inspiring for you and your kids!

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Butterfly birthday cake


This year my daughter wanted a butterfly birthday party, so no wonder she got a butterfly birthday cake!

I wanted to make it kids-friendly and appealing for her little guests. I couldn’t find the perfect recipe, so I ended up mixing a few recipes to adjust all the ingredients. I wanted to make a birthday cake that was moist, not too sweet, had some fruits and a pink filling (special wish from my daughter!). That was not an easy task, but the result was really great and everyone loved it :)

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Butterfly birthday party invitations

birthdays party template butterfly templates free printable invitations

Butterfly birthday party invitations for kids to make at home with free printable template included. Cute, colorful, easy to make for an exceptional party!

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