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DIY felt necklace for toddlers

This felt necklace for toddlers is inspired from a DIY book with a suppliers box, that my daughter received from her Dad. He brought it from his trip to France and it is called " Je crée des bijoux du monde", which means "I create jewelry of the world". It is really a great discovery kit for little girls, however some mom's help is needed for the little ones. For our first project, my daughter chose a cute and colorful felt necklace. She helped a lot with selecting all the colors, placing the seed beads, and I did the sewing part. She was amazed to see that we actually made a necklace that she could wear. A Quick and nice mom-and-daughter project! We are looking forward to make some more jewelry from that book, so stay tuned:)
DIY felt necklace for toddlers

What you need

  • 5 pieces of felt in different colors: orange, red, blue, green, pink
  • 9 medium size red seed beads
  • 19 small blue seed beads
  • 19 sequins
  • 75cm/30inches of orange embroidery thread
  • red sewing thread
  • needle
  • scissors


Similar supplies to what I used

How to make it

Step1 Cut each piece of felt into the rectangles. You need to make them big enough to be able to cut 4 flowers from each  piece. My flowers were 1,5 x 1,5cm (about 0.6 x 0.6 inches).DIY felt necklace for toddlers step1
Step2 Draw a flower on a paper, cut is and use it as a template to cut all the flowers from the felt rectangles. You will need 4 flowers of each color. DIY felt necklace for toddlers step2
Step3 Fold in half the red sewing thread and pass it through the needle. Make a knot with all the 4 ends of the thread. Place a sequin in the middle of the felt flower and sew it together. Start with the middle of the sequin. Repeat it 5 times to make a start shape with the thread. Next, sew a blue seed bead in the center of each sequin. DIY felt necklace for toddlers step3
Step4 Repeat Step3 for 10 felt flowers.DIY felt necklace for toddlers step4
Step5 Place 1 red seed bead, 1 sequin and 1 blue seed bead on the embroidery thread. Repeat 8 times, spacing them, leaving room for the felt flowers.  DIY felt necklace for toddlers step5
Step6 Place 1 felt flower with no decoration below the thread, then a second felt flower of a different color, but with the sequin (prepared in Step4), on top of the thread. Sew both flowers together and to the thread. DIY felt necklace for toddlers step6
Step7 Repeat Step6, until all the flowers are attached to the necklace. Play with colors to make it joyful. You may need to adjust the length of the thread, so it fits nicely your child. Enjoy!DIY felt necklace for toddlers step7

DIY Felt Necklace for Toddlers

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