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DIY rowanberry necklace – fine motor skills activity for kids

DIY rowanberry necklace - fine motor skills activity for kids


As a child I used to make rowanberry necklaces at the end of summer holidays and in the beginning of the school year. My school was 10min walking distance from my house and I always walked through a park where there were a lot of rowan trees giving beautiful red berries. When I told my daughter that she could make ‘things’ from these beautiful red rowan berries, she couldn’t wait to start her own project!

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DIY felt necklace for toddlers

DIY felt necklace for toddlers

This felt necklace for toddlers is inspired from a DIY book with a suppliers box, that my daughter received from her Dad. He brought it from his trip to France and it is called ” Je crée des bijoux du monde”, which means “I create jewelry of the world”. It is really a great discovery kit for little girls, however some mom’s help is needed for the little ones. For our first project, my daughter chose a cute and colorful felt necklace.

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I am Gosia and I am happy you have joined our creative family fun in the kitchen and beyond! Discover our culinary adventures, crafts, sewing projects and coloring pages. Stay a while and enjoy:)

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