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Thanksgiving turkey with fruit skewers

Preparation time: | Servings: 1

When I showed my daughter a collection of great Thanksgiving crafts for kids that I have recently published, she said: "Mom, why won't we make a turkey with all the fruits you have just bought! You can then put it on your blog". I laughed for quite a while and then I told her that we would make it, of course. I let her chose the fruits. She wanted to arrange them in a rainbow, well, we were close:) She helped me to mount all the fruits on skewers and I inserted them in the pear. We finished with the candy eyes (she ate a few along the way... ), made the snood, the wattle and our fruity Thanksgiving turkey was ready!
Thanksgiving turkey made of fruits, fruit skewers



Supplies I used


Did you know that young domestic turkeys readily fly short distances, perch and roost. These behaviors become less frequent as the birds mature, but adults will readily climb on objects such as bales of straw.



Step1 Prepare all the fruits. I removed the skinny part from the orange and the grapefruit, as my daughter does not like it. You can leave it if you want. The fruits are more shiny without it, so it looks better, if you prepare it for your Thanksgiving party. Thanksgiving turkey made of fruits, fruit skewers step1

Step2 Adjust the height of your skewers accordingly to your fruits and the size of the pear you are using. I had long skewers that I cut in half and it worked perfectly well. Mount all the fruits on the skewers and then insert the skewers in the back of the pear. Use a part of a chocolate biscuit stick for the turkey snood and 1/4 of raspberry for his wattle. I have used a small part of a skewer to hold the raspberry onto the pear. Use a drop of water to humidify a bit the candy eyeballs, so they get attached easily. Enjoy! Thanksgiving turkey made of fruits, fruit skewers step2

Thanksgiving turkey with fruit skewers

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