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15+ Halloween food ideas for kids party

You must have noticed that have been in Halloween mood since a while - have you seen the Halloween logo on the blog? Yeah:)

15 Halloween Food ideas for kids party

Are you preparing a Halloween party for your kids? Or maybe you have planned to make this whole day special for them? It seems that kids remember better the events from their childhood if strong emotions were involved. So create these emotions and let the memories last longer:)

So if you are still looking for some cute and healthy Halloween food ideas for your kids' party, then check out all these yummy and funny recipes!

I have tried out some of my recipes before our actual kiddie party and they turned out to be a great success. At least that's how my daughter judged them:) Here is what we did so far:

Halloween witch and cheesy ghosts snack

Halloween witch and ghost snack 

Happy pumpkins – Halloween party food

Happy pumpkins - Halloween party food ideas

Pumpkin shaped sandwich

Pumpkin shaped, grilled eggplant and cheese sandwich for kids title

Bats and ghost dessert

  Spooky Halloween dessert - ghosts, bats made from yogurt and blackberries


I also wanted to share with you, some other awesome Halloween recipes that are kids-friendly and will put a smile on your kids little face. They are made by amazing bloggers that I love to follow.


Halloween Pancakes

What can be better than a yummy pancake? I think all kids love pancakes, you can be a bit more creative that day and shape them as pumpkin, spider or ghost.. BOO!

"Spooks and Pumpkins" Halloween Breakfast from Will Cook for Smiles

Spooks and Pumpkins Halloween Breakfast


Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup from TidyMom

Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup


Ghost Pancakes from Creative Food

Ghost Pancakes


Halloween Spooky Snacks

If the little tummies are a bit hungry, few great and simple snack ideas will filled them up for w while.

Spider Bites from Sugar-n-Spice Gals

Spider Bites


Easy Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats for Halloween from Food Family Finds

Easy Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats for Halloween


Halloween Pretzel Spider Webs Tutorial from One Little Project

Halloween Pretzel Spider Webs Tutorial


Halloween Creative Meals

There is always a room for creativity, even when you make a pizza or a sandwich! Kids will love these great Halloween food ideas.

Halloween Spider Pizza from Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

Halloweegan Pizza


The Mummy Sandwich from Cute Food for Kids

The Mummy Sandwich


Halloween Witch Themed Quesadilla from Hungry Happenings

Halloween Witch Themed Quesadilla


Halloween Healthy Desserts

Kids are getting far too many sweets that day, so I thought there is no point to add more.. Here are few healthy alternatives, all based on fruits. Yes, fruits (and veggies) can also be fun to eat; what matters it it just a cute presentation. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Fruit Cups from The NY Melrose Family

Banana ghosts


Jack-'O-Lantern Fruit Plate from Whole Some Dinner Tonight

Jack-'O-Lantern Fruit Plate


Candy Corn' Fruit Cups from Navy Wife Cook

Candy Corn' Fruit Cups



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