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Simple origami for kids – how to make a paper turtle

Simple origami for kids - how to make a paper turtle tutorial


My daughter has a cute collection of turtles, different sizes and colors – she loves them all! One day we have decided to make a paper turtle, which was really a great fun. She loves origami and all kinds of paper crafts, so this one was no different :)

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Suncatcher snowflake craft for kids

Suncatcher snowflake craft for kids step2a


This cute suncatcher snowflake craft was done by my daughter at school. I found it really beautiful and wanted to share it with you. It is an easy craft to make and a great fun to play with once all the colors are shining through the snowflake!

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DIY rowanberry necklace – fine motor skills activity for kids

DIY rowanberry necklace - fine motor skills activity for kids


As a child I used to make rowanberry necklaces at the end of summer holidays and in the beginning of the school year. My school was 10min walking distance from my house and I always walked through a park where there were a lot of rowan trees giving beautiful red berries. When I told my daughter that she could make ‘things’ from these beautiful red rowan berries, she couldn’t wait to start her own project!

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Tissue paper butterfly – DIY craft ideas for kids

Butterfly paper craft

If you are looking for fun things to make with your kids, I have an idea for you: cute tissue paper butterfly craft! It is a very easy craft, nice, colorful and can be used in different ways: it can stand, fly or decorate your fridge!

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