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4 flower coloring pages to print

By Gosia

Have you already tried to make your own coloring pages ? I must admit that this was my first time, but my daughter loved it, so I decided to share it with you:)

Recently we had a few days of gorgeous weather. Suddenly, for the first time this spring, the world around us was so colorful - green leaves and growing flowers everywhere. There were some tulips growing quickly in our garden and my daughter was checking on them several times during the day. She was impatient to discover their colors. No one has ever imagined that we would never see them... They made a nice breakfast for squirrels living in our garden. My daughter was very sad and disappointed.

She asked me if she could at least have some coloring pages with tulips. Then I had an idea to make her a printable coloring page based on the picture I had. In fact, that was the picture of the tulip garden snack I did for her a while ago. We had so much fun - I was making her again tulip garden snack while she was coloring it!

4 coloring pages with flowers to print

4 coloring pages with flowers to print

You can download these files as free printable coloring pages.

Each picture to color is based on a recipe I made for my daughter. You can have a lot of fun with your kids by making both recipe and color the corresponding page.

  1. Coloring pages - strawberry flower , based on the Strawberry flower dessert
  2. Coloring pages to print - tomato flower, based the Tomato flower sandwich
  3. Coloring pages to print - tulips, based on the Tulip garden snack
  4. Coloring pages to print - tortilla flower, based on the Tortilla garden snack

Have fun!

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