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Strawberry maple leaf

Strawberry maple leaf dessert for Canada day 1st of July

Making this cute maple leaf out of strawberries can be a great opportunity for your kids to have some fun in the kitchen! Just cut the strawberries for them and let them be creative! Check the recipe for a little surprise inside:)

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Fruit salad with verbena syrup

Fruit salad with verbena syrup

I love the smell of lemon verbena: it’s so light, so lemony and so summery… As summer is around the corner, this time our fruit salad was served with the lemon verbena syrup. What dessert can be healthier for kids than a delicious fruit salad? I cut fruits in funny shapes, as for some reason butterflies, hearts or flowers taste usually better than simple squares:)

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Butterflies – healthy dessert with fresh fruits on a stick

Butterflies_healthy_dessert_with_fresh_fruits_on_a_ stick

When I was shopping to buy all the craft suppliers for my daughter’s birthday party, I came across a nice green picket fence planter box, already provided with a floral foam. I thought that it would be just perfect for the fresh fruits butterfly garden!

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Butterfly birthday cake


This year my daughter wanted a butterfly birthday party, so no wonder she got a butterfly birthday cake!

I wanted to make it kids-friendly and appealing for her little guests. I couldn’t find the perfect recipe, so I ended up mixing a few recipes to adjust all the ingredients. I wanted to make a birthday cake that was moist, not too sweet, had some fruits and a pink filling (special wish from my daughter!). That was not an easy task, but the result was really great and everyone loved it :)

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Butterfly banana muffins

Butterfly muffins

Delicious mini muffins with bananas and chocolate chips. Decorated with whipped cream and cute butterflies made of fruits and chocolate biscuit sticks.

I found a base for muffins recipe a long time ago, don’t even remember where, and I always use it with some variations. It is always delicious and my daughter loves it! Normally, we just have muffins with no decoration, but this time, there needed to be some – butterflies!

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5 ideas for summer fruit recipes with yogurt

5 Fruit recipes with yogurt

5 ideas for kids summer fruit recipes with yogurt. They encourage kids to eat healthy desserts and have fun playing with food.

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Strawberry flower


You can make this nice flower with just yogurt and fruits: strawberries, blueberries and grapes. This dessert is quickly done, healthy and cheerful. Kids will enjoy it for sure!

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Sweet spring garden

Sweet spring garden - frozen fruits and yogurt

Sweet spring garden on your plate! This cute frozen treats are made of fruits, yogurt and some chocolate. Perfect dessert idea for spring and summer time.

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Nice little panda dessert, made of natural yogurt and blackberries. Healthy, simple, quickly done and delicious! Your kids could make it themselves, just let them try.

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Mango giraffe


Yummy giraffe dessert made of mango, yogurt and dried fruits: cranberries, plums and raisins. Funny and delicious idea for a healthy kiddo dessert.

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