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Fruits basket


Refreshing and nourishing fruit basket: you just need some fruits and cookie cutters to make nice shapes. Simple and healthy, it can be made with your kids. It can also be a nice idea for a Spring or Easter dessert.

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No bake mini cheesecakes with jelly stars

No bake mini cheesecakes with jelly stars, simple and easy dessert


Delicious, quickly made mini cheesecakes for a yummy dessert. You just need white cheese, jelly and cookies. Prepare the jelly, mix it with cheese, let it cool and enjoy! Amaze your kids and your guest with it, as everyone will love it:)

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Skiing kiddie – fruits and yogurt healthy dessert ideas for kids

Skiing kiddie - fruits and yogurt healthy dessert for kids with snow #healthydessertideas, #fruitsdessert, #ski


Cute little skiing kiddie is a great dessert idea for kids! It is made of natural yogurt and fruits: strawberry, blueberry, grapes and apple. Served with dried mango and strawberry biscuit stick.

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St. Valentine dessert ideas – watermelon cupid

Watermelon cupid, cute St Valentine dessert idea #cupid, #valentinesideas, #dessert, #watermelon


Watermelon cupid can be a great dessert idea when celebrating St. Valentine’s Day with kids! Quickly done, healthy and so cute :) Try it with your kids, they will love it!

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Palm tree


It is always good to imagine sun, sea and palm trees on the beach:) This time made of orange, grapes, blueberries and served on the thin layer of yogurt. Very refreshing!

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Banana gondola


Wanna live a Venice adventure? Make this nice banana gondola dessert with two strawberry fellows and a grape gondolier: that’s enough to tell your kids some beautiful stories about this unique city!

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Cute little mouse that all kids would love. Made of a pear, with strawberry, raspberry, raisin, dried mango and chocolate biscuit stick. How yummy!

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Green kiwi hedgehog

Green kiwi hedgehog dessert

Small, funny green hedgehogs made of kiwi and chocolate biscuits sticks, carrying watermelon ‘apples’ . Tasty and plenty of vitamin C. Give it a try!
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Christmas trees dessert – kiwi with yogurt



Christmas trees dessert, made of kiwi, decorated with some small holiday sprinkles, served on a natural yogurt. Great idea for a dessert during Christmas time.

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