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How to organize a butterfly birthday party

If you want to organize a butterfly birthday party, I have some great ideas to share with you. I have used them all for my daughter's 5th anniversary. She invited her friends and the girls had a great time together. I hope you will find something inspiring for you and your kids!How to organize a butterfly birthday party


1. Make your own, personalized butterfly birthday invitations

We have made invitations shaped as butterflies that you can open to see the actual invitation text. My daughter's friends loved it!


2. Decoration

You can decorate a room with different kinds of butterflies and have a butterfly table set , but the thing that the girls liked the most were the butterfly photos that we have projected on a big TV screen. I had prepared a big collection of butterfly photos, some of them were mine, some downloaded from the Internet.Butterfly birthday - decoration ideas Butterfly birthday - decoration ideas1 Butterfly birthday - plates


3. Read a book about the butterflies and their life cycle

A simple book like this one, The Life Cycle of a Butterfly is a great idea to explain to kids how the butterflies make their transformation, how they migrate, what they eat, etc. We did a small quiz when reading the book and everyone participated!The life cycle of a butterfly


4. Crafts

I have printed some butterfly coloring pages to start with and then, the girls did a tissue paper butterflies. They loved it and took them home as a souvenir. If the birthday party is in autumn, you can also use different colorful leaves to make a butterfly craft. Butterfly paper craftFall crafts - how to create pictured with leaves - Butterfly


5. Activities

First, each girl did her own butterfly wings, then they went to the garden to search for little plastic butterflies that we have hidden just before. They had so much fun: they were screaming, laughing and 'flying' around!How to make paper butterfly wings for kids Butterfly birthday - looking for butterflies


6. Food ideasHere are a few ideas of the butterfly shaped food: sandwichfrozen fruits. fruit skewers and muffins.

Butterfly sandwichSpring_garden_main frozen fruits Butterflies_healthy_dessert_with_fresh_fruits_on_a_ stick Butterfly muffins


7. Birthday cake

You can't have a great party without a butterfly birthday cake! I've made a moist sponge cake and decorated it with fruits. It was a great hit, both for kids and adults :)Butterfly_birthday_party_sponge_cake


How to organize a butterfly birthday party

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