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Kiwi and apple smoothie with a little kiwi bear

Kiwi and apple smoothie with a little kiwi bear

Homemade smoothies are such a great and healthy snack for kids. Moreover, there are so easy to make! This time, to make a simple glass of nutritive drink a bit more fun, I made a cute, little bear from the kiwi. My daughter loved it and said he looked very real:)

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Happy caterpillar – cherries and yogurt

Happy caterpillar - cherries and yogurt

Have your kids already kept a caterpillar home? How did you deal with that? My daughter found a caterpillar in our garden and wanted to keep it in her room. I said she could keep it, but it had to stay in her playhouse back in our the garden. I didn’t like the idea of a caterpillar sneaking in and visiting our house, grr.. and preferred to make her a funny caterpillar for her dessert!

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Princess castle – frozen raspberries and yogurt

Princess castle - frozen raspberries and yogurt

All little girls are princesses and my daughter is no exception – all moms & dads know what I mean:) So I made a cute raspberry castle for a little princess – can be also for a prince (!) – all edible and healthy! Moreover, it is an ice palace, perfect for hot summer days.

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Eiffel Tower – welcome to Paris!

Edible Eiffel Tower - cute dessert made of fresh fruits

During the last few weeks before start of school summer vacation, my daughter’s favorite subject at school was Paris and Eiffel Tower. There was a story about a little girl and her adventures in Paris, a song about Paris, crafts and drawings.

Talking a lot about France, Paris and Eiffel Tower with my daughter, I got inspired to make her this edible Eiffel Tower dessert. It is so simple to make with just a few different fruits, and it made her so happy! Try it too with your kids and let them discover the world:)

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Fruit salad with verbena syrup

Fruit salad with verbena syrup

I love the smell of lemon verbena: it’s so light, so lemony and so summery… As summer is around the corner, this time our fruit salad was served with the lemon verbena syrup. What dessert can be healthier for kids than a delicious fruit salad? I cut fruits in funny shapes, as for some reason butterflies, hearts or flowers taste usually better than simple squares:)

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Butterflies – healthy dessert with fresh fruits on a stick

Butterflies_healthy_dessert_with_fresh_fruits_on_a_ stick

When I was shopping to buy all the craft suppliers for my daughter’s birthday party, I came across a nice green picket fence planter box, already provided with a floral foam. I thought that it would be just perfect for the fresh fruits butterfly garden!

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